In Germany, you have to officially register in the city where you live. This is usually done at the Bürgeramt. In Berlin, it’s not so easy to get an appointment. However, you can make this appointment at various Bürgerämter in Berlin, not only at the one in your district. There is an online system for making appointments. Advice: Check early in the morning to see where there is a free appointment and then go there flexibly. Then you don’t have to wait so long for an appointment. Here you can make an appointment for registration.

Appartment Hunting

When you were looking for a flat, you probably found a lot of abbreviations and terms that are new to you. Here you will find an explanation.

In Berlin, you have the option of living in a shared flat (WG) or in a flat all to yourself. WG means that you have your own room and usually share the bathroom and kitchen with other flatmates. It’s easier to find a room in a shared flat at the beginning. You’ll also meet new people and won’t be alone at the beginning. Especially in Berlin, there are many international shared flats. In Berlin, many people rent out their room or flat on an interim basis, i.e. they only rent out their room for a few weeks or months. The advantage is that you don’t have to buy furniture at first, the disadvantage is that you have to keep looking again later. In most cases, you also have to pay a smaller deposit. Note: The deposit for a flat can usually be paid in three instalments. After you move out, you will get the deposit back from the landlord. Here are websites to help you find a flat:


BVG? This is the Berlin public transport company. You can buy ticktes for the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram and bus from BVG. The cheapest way is to buy a monthly ticket (BVG Umweltkarte). At the DRK clinics in Berlin you can get a company ticket, then you save a bit compared to the normal monthly ticket. Applications for the company ticket must be submitted to the relevant office at the DRK clinics by the 10th of the previous month. Just talk to the integration coach, she will help you with the application. Information on BVG tickets: Overview all BVG-Tickets .


In Germany it is obligatory to have a health insurance. There are many health insurance companies in Germany. You register with these health insurance companies, then you get an insurance card and can go to the doctor with this card. Some health insurances have a department for international insured. There you can register in your home country and get information in English about the german health system and other important topics. This service is offered, for example, by Barmer and Techniker Krankenkasse. Just contact us for more details.

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