Common European Framework of Reference

Many professions have different language requirements, and nursing professions are no exception. You already speak German, but you don’t know exactly how to define the knowledge at each language level? In this overview you can learn about the different language levels.

Common Reference Levels

There is a self-assensment to figure out at whuch level you are. Yo can find this assesment in many languages. Can you find yourself within this scale?

Self-assessment – Common Reference Levels

Language tests and certificates

In order to have your nursing training approved, you must have at least B2 language skills. However, you can already start the recognition process with B1 language skills and then reach the B2 level parallel in our adaptation course. Attention: In this case you have to work, improve your knowledge in the adaptation course and learn German at the same time. This will take a lot of motivation and time. So it would be really easier for you if you apply with at least B2 level.

In order to prove the language skills on B2 level at LaGeSo, you can present the following certificates. Find information and training material in the links to each test.

Attention: In the case of scaled tests, e.g. telc B1/B2 Beruf, it is important to ensure that the B2 level is actually reached in all parts.

Since these exams are standardized exams, they are the same in every country. You can take them either in Germany or in your home country. You just have to find out where the nearest test center is. Here you can find information about the individual test providers:

Learn German

We offer our non-native-speaking employees individual language support, this can take place, for example, in individual coaching sessions and group language courses.

In addition we have created a collection for you, where you can already learn German online for free in your home country.