„My family is proud of me“: Nurse Neil from the Philippines

Neil was a nurse in a big hospital with 600 beds in the Philippines for 6 years. Because he wanted to support his family financially, he decided to come to Germany as a migrant worker. Today Neil works in our trauma surgery department in Berlin-Köpenick. Neil likes his funny colleagues. He is proud that he is now recognized as a fully approved nurse. In Berlin he lives in a house with 10 other nurses and sends photos of the Brandenburg Gate and the Müggelsee lake to his family via Facebook.

Neil tells his story in a guest post

I am nurse Neil. I am 30 years old. I have been working as a health care worker and nurse on ward 2A since January 1st, 2019. This is the trauma surgery and orthopedics department of the DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines, and I am an accredited nurse in the Philippines since September 2012. I have 2 years of experience as a nurse in a rural health unit and 4 years in Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu City, as an intensive care nurse.

After these experiences, I applied for a job in Germany via Globogate agency. Globogate and DRK Kliniken Berlin supported me until I arrived here in Germany. They helped me to do my German language course in the Philippines until I got my B2 level certificate. Then I got my visa and came here.

My start in Germany

When I came here, I did an adaptation course. I first went to school with my Filipino colleagues twice a week at the DRK Kliniken Berlin education center and three days a week we worked at the hospital. We are 11 Filipino nurses in the DRK Kliniken Berlin. Our adaptation course lasted six months. After that, we passed the theoretical and practical exams and received the certificate with the professional title of health care worker and nurse. We are proud of ourselves for having achieved this recognition!

The DRK Kliniken Berlin helped us a lot. I am happy about that! Because the reality is that the salary structure prevailing in the Philippines is one of the lowest in the region. I came to Germany not only to earn a higher value currency, but also to have opportunities to develop professionally. I also came here out of responsibility for my family. It is the biggest factor that drove me to work abroad. As a family-oriented society, for Filipinos their families are the most important thing in life and the benefits of all family members have to be considered.

Information for international applicants in Filipino: Impormasyon para sa Mga Internasyonal na Aplikante

Why I like Germany

I like about Germany that we all live safely here. There are also many beautiful vacation areas and sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Müggelsee, the Müggelturm, the old town of Köpenick and the Alexanderplatz. We can actually buy everything we need. My first months and years in Germany have passend quickly and I have had a lot of positive experiences and only a few negative ones. I am glad and happy to have had this special chance in life. I am full of positive expectations for my future here in Germany.

During my studies and nursing school, my interest in nursing and my commitment to the field became even stronger when I found out that I was suited very well for the job. I believe that my ability to communicate with people and explain things clearly in both technical and non-technical ways is one of the things that makes me a good nurse. I wanted to become a nurse because I want to take care of patients and save lives. When I take care of patients, it’s important that I continue to learn new things. Most careers are stressful. As nurses, we have to learn to deal with stressful situations, too.

„If I don’t understand something, I ask my colleagues“.

I work at DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick on ward 2A, which is the trauma surgery and orthopedics unit. We are a great team on the ward because my colleagues are nice and friendly. The working environment on the ward is very nice. If I don’t understand something, I can always ask my colleagues and they will helped me. When colleagues need help, I am always there for them. When I need help, my colleagues are always there for me, too. We are always ready to help. Our department management is also always there for us when we need help.

Köpenick is a beautiful place. The DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick are embedded in the extensive pine forest at Müggelsee lake. I recommend to work at DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick if you want to learn many things at work. There are many medical specialties in the hospital with respected experts, so we offer the best conditions for the recovery of our patients.

Since I was a student I’m a lot on Facebook. I also do this for my family in the Philippines so they know my life here in Germany.

I look forward to meeting you when you apply here at DRK Kliniken Berlin. Kayo ay malugod naming inaanyayahan para mag-apply dito sa DRK Kliniken Berlin. We are happy and you are very welcome to apply here at DRK Kliniken Berlin.

Apply here as a nurse at DRK Kliniken Berlin Köpenick and get to know Neil personally!

Maja_Schaefer, am 31. März 2021
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